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    RING OF FIRE: The Music of Johnny Cash

    September 14 – October 3, 2015

    Due to popular demand Magnus Theatre is very pleased to announce that RING OF FIRE: THE MUSIC OF JOHNNY CASH, created by Richard Maltby, Jr. and conceived by William Meade, will be held over for one additional week, to October 3rd!

    Reviews are coming out and the response is great. “Together this cast of five form a ring of fire that gleams and shines and burns before our eyes, in our senses and our minds. As said, it’s irresistible,” said Linda Maehans of The Source. “It is the music of Johnny Cash, the time and circumstances in which his sound and songs were born, that is centre stage in this relishable production. Invoking the spirit of Cash is a cast of five dizzyingly multi-talented performers who bring to life the essence of “The Man in Black,” said Kyle Poluyko in his review for The Walleye.

    Great theatre meets great music! Five amazingly talented actors/singers/musicians take us through the early Johnny Cash years: from cotton picking, to the Tennessee Three, to stories of Cash’s singular view of America. While other productions have focused on the life of Johnny Cash, RING OF FIRE gives the music the spotlight it deserves.

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    Ring of Fire Study Guide

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    George A. Romero’s NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD(tm) LIVE

    October 26 – November 7, 2015

    A re-imagining of George A. Romero’s legendary cult classic! A ‘loving’ rendition of the 1968 film that includes a cemetery, a lone farmhouse, six petrified strangers and hordes of flesh-eating zombies. The play examines the social issues pertaining to the time period in which it was made before culminating in a series of comedic alternate endings. Can you survive a Night of the Living Dead?

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    November 30 – December 12, 2015

    THE BOOK OF EVERYTHING is a hilarious, honest and beautifully rendered play adapted from the best selling 2004 Dutch novel. Meet Thomas Klopper, who is “nine…almost ten”, and lives with his father, mother and sister in post-Nazi Amsterdam. He is an imaginative boy who sees things no one else does and records events from his life in a journal – his ‘Book of Everything’. Get ready for an exemplary piece of theatre that pits love and imagination against ignorance, oppression and fear. This is the first time this internationally acclaimed play has been produced in Canada!

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    January 25 – February 6, 2016

    When sisters Deirdre and Isabelle Monoghan lose their parents in a car accident, Deirdre becomes the sole caregiver to her adopted older sister Isabelle, who is severely affected by Fetal Alcohol Syndrome. Just as Deirdre prepares to begin university and experience independence for the first time, she must decide how much of her own freedom she is willing to sacrifice for the love of her sister. DREARY & IZZY is a thought-provoking exploration of family dynamics, sexuality and cultural roots and is guaranteed to prompt discussion.

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    February 29 – March 12, 2016

    This play-within-a-play, an adaptation of the 1870 novel Venus in Furs, challenges gender roles and sexual conventions. Thomas Novachek, a  playwright/director, has been auditioning young women for the lead female role without much success when Wanda Jordan arrives late and uninvited. The audition rapidly escalates into a seductive power play with hints of the erotic. VENUS IN FUR will soon have you wondering – who is really in control?

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    April 4 – 16, 2016

    In THE LADIES FOURSOME, three friends meet for a round of golf to celebrate the passing of their recently departed playing partner.  Before long they are surprised by a mysterious fourth woman who also claims to be an old friend of the deceased. A fun-filled, fast paced, joyful celebration of friendship between four utterly unique women. During a round of golf they discuss life, love, men, sex, children, careers… everything but golf!

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